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Celebrity Photos
Some of this images were shot during Disney press events, some at the Crosby (AT&T) ProAm, and others from special events I have attended over the years... enjoy!
Food Network celebrities and chefs
Emeril Lagasi Giada De Laurentis Paula Deen Rachael Ray Mario Batali Tyler Florence Morimoto (Iron Chef) Ted Allen
Ellie Krieger Robin Miller Martha Stewart Lorenza DeMedici
Professional Sports celebrities
(pete rose)
Joe Montana Wayne Gretzky Mario Andretti Pete Rose Merton Hanks
Cal Ripken Tony Hawk Brandi Chastain Amanda Beard Michael Phelps Ian Crocker Lenny Krayzelburg
United States Astronauts
Gordon Cooper Wally Schirra Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong
Public & Business celebrities
Jeb Bush John Lasetter Michael Eisner & Bob Iger Lee Iacccca Diane Disney Miller Mickey Mouse
govenor of Florida CEO pf PIXAR CEOs of Disney CEO of Chrysler Walt Disney's daughter
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